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Le Nostre Collaborazioni con Le Produzioni Cinematografiche per Film e Serie Tv che Abbiamo Servito con i Nostri Prodotti Golden Eagle © de La Spiga e Il Girasole di L’Aquila

Film: “Storie di una Famiglia per Bene”


8 Montagne

Educazione Fisica

Backstage Film

Il Generale Dalla Chiesa

Circeo Serie Tv

Charlotte Bradfer

Studio Battaglia Serie

Julio Cesar Film

Film Ginevra Elkann


AIPT Serie

Septimo Film

Dostoyévskiy Film

Arte Della Gioia Serie tv

Per Amore di una Donna Film

Il Figlio del Secolo serie tv

Another End

Padud Film

Miss Fallaci Film

Paradox Effect

“Napoli-New York” di Gabriele Salvatores

“Six Brothers”

The plot of the new film, “Six Brothers”, is still shrouded in mystery, but we know that it will be produced from Greenland and shot in Rome until June. The names of the protagonists have not yet been revealed.


‘Nineteen’, this is the name of the film produced by Luca Guadagnino’s Frenesy company with the support of the Toscana Film Commission, and directed by Giovanni Tortorici, at his debut. The shooting of the film will take place mainly in Siena, it began on Monday 8 May and will continue until the beginning of June, touching the symbolic places of the city.

“The film tells the story of a nineteen-year-old young man from Palermo who spends his first year of university moving from the Economics faculty in London to Siena to study letters, in search of the best University. – Explained Agustina Costa, executive producer of ‘Nineteen’. – ‘It is an introspective journey through the protagonist’s memories, which shows the maturation of a character in search of his place in the world”. The protagonist’s journey unfolds through various Italian cities, but the setting is mainly Sienese.

“The End” Film (In Progress)

“Tv Series A Prophet” (In Progress)

“50 km per hour”

Colorado Film in, in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, has opened the selections for small roles and figures to be included in the film 50 km per hour by Fabio De Luigi, with Stefano Accorsi.

“Battle Study 2”

Battle Studio 2: the plot of the new season!

Studio Battaglia has been confirmed for a second season. After the success of the first cycle of episodes, rumors began to circulate about the new season. Director Simone Spada.

“Lydia 2”

Lidia Poët will have a second season. Giving precise confirmation of the return of the Netflix series on the first woman to become a lawyer in Italy is the announcement of a casting in which Groenlandia srl is looking for extras and special figures for Netflix.